Erwachsenen Baby

Erwachsenen Baby spielen – Windelmutti Luna

Baby Erziehung
Bby Erziehung
Windel spielen
Alter Spielen
Kinderzimmer – Erwachsene Babykleidung
Age Play für Windel liebhaber
Fläschchen geben – NUK5 Dummy
ABDL Adult baby – diaper lover

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I am specialized in adult baby minding, I’m a real Adult baby Nanny or AB Mommy.

I cater all type of ABDL play, role playing as an strict Nanny or ABDL carer – baby sitter, governess, mommy or aunt.  I will diaper you and give you  lots of TLC if needed be.

Misbehaved naughty boys sometimes get punished and scolded, forced into short skirts and sissy outfits, double diapered and made to wear plastic pants.

From strict, and cruel to TLC adult baby sitting mixed with BDSM practices makes the adult baby session more exciting.

I cater adult babies that like to role play as AB boys / girls as well as diaper lovers, those who love just playing around wearing their nappies.

Adult babies also like to play with toys, vibrators and dildos, being gagged, blindfolded, restrained and fully tied up, and made to suck a pacifier.

Wetting the nappies is not a problem, adult babies love being kept wet for a while and being changed into a new fresh comfortable diaper and bottom powdered when nanny decides is time for it .

I have acquired over the years all sort of AB clothes, AB dresses, little girls shoes, pink satin frilly knickers, plastic pants, girly frilly socks, wigs, and a lots of make up to transform naughty boys into little princesses and be humiliated and sissy trained.

I will provided you for out sessions, AB clothing for boys and sissies, adult baby diapers, NUK5 adult pacifiers, bottle feed, spoon feed, baby powder, etc.

Check my nursery in London fully dedicated to adult babies and diaper lovers !

Nanny Luna also likes to role play as an AB playmate, of course always in  charge of the session.

I love to wear diapers too, but I don’t wet them !


Be aware that it is not allowed to mess the nappy. If this is the case the session will be terminated and there won’t be any refund.

Ich einen Domina bin und keinen Escortservice anbiete.